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“Ground EP” by G.H.


As a member of Pendle Coven and HATE Soundsystem, Gaz Howell has been a mainstay of Modern Love since the label was still in single figures. He’s appeared on some of its deadliest output over the years but the ‘Ground E.P’ is his first solo endeavour to land on vinyl, arriving at an oblique, alabaster-cut style of electronics, cold-fusing viscous boogie and musique concrete in a sheer hewn style of slow, forceful funk. The barren A-side is ‘Ground’, scanning a wasted scene of distant bass detonations dislodging abrasive surface scree and geyser-like pressure valves in a pyroclastic flow of ideas nodding to Daphne Oram and Mika Vainio. Equally, on the flipside ‘Albedo’ feels as though it was hand-carved in some electro-acoustic steam-punk workshop, rolling boulder-heavy kicks with clanking iron & steel mechanics, before ‘Earth’ emerges from the furnace, glaze cracking and fissures splitting to reveal a hard-working boogie sample beneath the slag and calloused exterior. It’s taken him nearly half a decade to get to this point, but even we’re blown away by how heavy he’s come with it.